Georgian politicians fight live on TV

In Georgia, a political TV debate on the crisis in the country descended first into a water fight and then fisticuffs.

The scandal started when pro-presidential MP Giorgy Kandelaki interrupted opposition leader Koki Guntsadze.

Guntsadze responded by throwing water at Kandelaki and, when the government representative tried to retaliate, the opposition leader slapped him.

The host had to interrupt the show and when it resumed, only the MP was left in the studio.

Russia, Parliament

In the Russian parliament, ultranationalist MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky lost his temper during a debate on Kosovo. During the heated debate, Zhirinovsky was denied the right to speak. So, he took over the speaker’s podium, then spat and threw water on legislators who approached him. But the water fight didn’t end there. Zhirinovsky tried to provoke his colleagues into going another round. Soaking wet, the MP’s agreed to suspend parliament for the day. They also censured Zhirinovsky.