Fists fly inside the Venezuelan parliament

Things got violent in the Venezuelan parliament Tuesday as members threw punches and kicked each other, leaving several people injured in a brawl just weeks after a bitter election.

According to the Associated Press, the fighting started after opposition members displayed a banner in the National Assembly criticizing a decision that banned them from speaking in parliament unless they recognized the electoral victory of President Nicolas Maduro.


2 thoughts on “Fists fly inside the Venezuelan parliament”

  1. Hello, I am from Venezuela and I would like to ask the blogger if (s)he has ever encountered a parliament fight like the recent one in Venezuela. The Cameras shifted away from the fight, all of the injured were from the opposition side and doors were locked once they entered the chambers. Plus, has there ever been a parliament fight in the world that was triggered by the fact that the opposing group was denied the right to speak, defying the whole point of a parliament in the first place.

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