Submit new Fights is your first source for violent fighting in parliaments. Enjoy!

If you find some nice pictures, photos, illustrations, videos and articles of fighting members of parliament, feel free to post them here in the comments section. We are especially interested in new fights.

Thank you.


33 thoughts on “Submit new Fights”

  1. In 2009 I wrote a book about parliament fights in Italy from 1947 to 2008. The title is “Tumulti in Aula. Il Presidente sospende la seduta” (Reconstruction, through parliamentary proceedings and transcriptions, of particularly tense and at times repugnant parliamentary incidents which reflect sixty years of virtues and vices of Italian politics)

  2. Hello, Im curious do you have some statistic regarding parliament fights (international, country, region, continent)

  3. Hi, I’m doing research on parliamentary violence, and in your CCC video you say that Gandrud claims that fractionalisation/polarisation increases the likelihood of parliamentary violence, and that parliamentary violence is more likely to occur in the run-up to civil wars. However, in his “Two Sword Lengths”-paper I could find no claims of the sort. For the former he finds no evidence (p. 141) and for the latter claim, do you rely only on his story of the caning of the US Senator before the American Civil War? Could you please let me know where you found such evidence and whether it’s publicly available? That would be extremely helpful! Thanks!

  4. Hi, there was a smaller brawl in the parliament of Turkey recently:

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