Toilet fist fight between members of far right Party in Saxony-Anhalt

During a closed-session meeting of the German far right Party AfD two party members started fighting in the toilet room. Both are members of the parliament of Saxony-Anhalt. According to a complaint filed by one of the involved persons the fight began with insults and threats. After that one was supposedly punched in the kidney region.

Member of parliament pushed to the floor by employee of far right Party

During the summer party of the parliament in Saxony-Anhalt an employee of the far-right AfD molests members of parliament from the Left Party. After multiple requests to leave them alone the Lefts leave their table and head towards another one, the AfD employee follows them. Another AfD employee joins the scene, grabs one person from the Lefts by the shoulders and pushes him to the floor.

Member of far-right German party attacks employee of the Greens in parliament building

Im May 2018 a member of the far-right Party AfD attacks an employee of the Greens in the German Bundestag when he walks past an office and pushed him towards the staircase. The attacker works for the parliamentary AfD group and is also member of an extreme right fraternity.