Small brawl over land reform in Ukraine

Ukrainian lawmakers started a small brawl over a land reform bill. The controversial initiative is about to change the rules how farmland can be bought. Also outside parliament people protested about the planned reform.

Nearly Parallel Brawls in Serbia and in Montenegro

Opposition MEPs critizised the Serbian government because of little reponse to protests in Montenegro. In the neighbouring country parliament adopted a religious law opposed by supporters of the Serbian Orthodox church shortly before.

The vote in Montenegro’s parliament also led to chaotic scenes and the detention of pro-Serbian MEPs:

Manhandling in Iran

The Iranian parliamentarian Mohammad Golmoradi criticized the treatment of protesters in the protests. This alledgedly caused him being manhandled in Parliament. From the floor he screamed: “What have you done that the undignified Shah did not do?”

Chaos in Kenyan County Assembly

In a session of Kisumu county assembly on Tuesday afternoon assembly members clashed over the election to replace Onyango Oloo as the assembly speaker. He was charged with fraud the day before. The members of the county assembly elected Elisha Orare as a new speaker which ended in a turmoil. Assembly orderlies tried to protect the county mace, but were also attacked.

Kicked out of parliament session in South Africa

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa were kicked out of the budget vote by security staff. EFF MPs interrupted Pravin Gordhan while he was  talking about budget proposals for the public enterprises department and called the minister a “constitutional delinquent”. For some minutes, EFF MPs and security forces were pushing back and forth, grabbing and shouting.