Nigeria: Nasarawa lawmakers have an excellent fight

Members of Parliament in Nasarawa State threw caution to the wind and traded blows after a disagreement over the appointment local government council chairmen by Governor Tanko Al-Makura.

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Ukraine – Fight feat. Flowers

Fighting erupted in the Ukrainian parliament after the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk was pulled from the podium.

The Prime Minister was defending his government’s record when MP Oleh Barna walked over to him with a bunch of roses and then grabbed him around the waist.

See also BBC:

(Thanks to “Some guy” for submitting this fight)

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Brazil: representatives physically, verbally attacked each other during vote to elect committee to look into impeachment

Congressional representatives of different political views, physically and verbally attacking one another and electronic voting machines being destroyed.

Read more at: and here.

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Kosovo: Teargas in Parliament again

Background information (in German)

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India: Lawmakers Attack Colleague Who Served Beef

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Kosovo: Smoke-Bomb

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Lebanon: Lawmakers scuffle in televised meeting

Lebanese lawmakers nearly came to blows on live TV on Monday, shoving and shouting at each other in a vivid illustration of political conflict that is paralysing decision-making and fuelling public discontent.

After arguing for several minutes at a parliamentary committee on public works and energy, one MP threw a water bottle, before scuffling with another. The fight was quickly broken up and the meeting abandoned.

More here.

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