Lebanon: Lawmakers scuffle in televised meeting

Lebanese lawmakers nearly came to blows on live TV on Monday, shoving and shouting at each other in a vivid illustration of political conflict that is paralysing decision-making and fuelling public discontent.

After arguing for several minutes at a parliamentary committee on public works and energy, one MP threw a water bottle, before scuffling with another. The fight was quickly broken up and the meeting abandoned.

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Kosovo: Throwing Eggs on Prime Minister

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Japan: Politicians brawl in parliament over bill to allow troops to fight

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This happened 12/9/2015 at Hargiesa Capital of Somaliland, between the Speaker and his deputy.

Thanks, Mohamed Ali, for submitting.

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Turkey: Ruling party and opposition lawmakers fight each other for the second time in a week


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5 Legislators hurt in Turkish Parliament


Thank you for submitting this fight, umit karakus.

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