Opposition politicians in Nepal threw chairs and attacked the parliamentary speaker during a violent general strike in Nepal on Tuesday that was aimed at blocking the government from pushing through a draft of a new constitution.

Thank you doortrapper for submitting this fight.

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Kenya: Fist fights, Heckling and dramatics

“This happened yesterday in an attempt to stop the passing of a security bill. The opposition had listed a raft of complaints and being outnumbered, the only hope was to disrupt the national assembly from passing the laws on the house of parliament. The result, blows were traded, paper missiles thrown and the deputy speaker doused in water.”

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Ukraine again

A dispute at a session of Ukraine’s newly elected parliament has prompted lawmakers to resort to a more direct method of resolving political disagreements — a shoving match.

Article in Moscow Times

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Ukraine: Fistfight in Parliament

Ukraine defends World Cup in Parliament Fighting and Brawls

And here from another perspective:

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India: MP uses Pepperspray in Parliament

Further Info:

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