Brawl with stage diving in Brazil

Politicians in Macapa City Council, Brazil, disagreed over the voting process to elect a new mayor. Two lawmakers started to fight, others joined immediately. One even threw himself onto the fighting crowd in some sort of stage diving move.


Deputies during session after Presidency to decree Armed Forces in the street to guarantee the order:

Brazil: Spitting in Parliament

the guy in the red scarf is Jean Willys, a left wing guy from a small party
he spits first on Bolsonaro, the guy who dedicated the impeachment to the torturer of Dilma
and then Bolsanaro’s son (in the same party) is the guy in the blue with the camera who then spits on Jean Willys

Brazil: representatives physically, verbally attacked each other during vote to elect committee to look into impeachment

Congressional representatives of different political views, physically and verbally attacking one another and electronic voting machines being destroyed.

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