Small brawl over land reform in Ukraine

Ukrainian lawmakers started a small brawl over a land reform bill. The controversial initiative is about to change the rules how farmland can be bought. Also outside parliament people protested about the planned reform.

Fistfighting in Ukraine

During a debate about the privatization of agricultural land two parliament members in Ukraine got into a fist fight. Andriy Bohdanets from the ruling party had to go to hospital after the clash with Eduard Leonov from the Svoboda party. Police announced investigations.

Christmas Fist Fight in Ukrainian Parliament

A fight broke out in Ukraine’s parliament as deputies from the Opposition Bloc removed a poster calling for the prosecution of a Ukrainian politician who has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports Radio Free Europe.

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Ukraine party leaders throw punches during a meeting of parliament factions

Ukraine party leaders throw punches during a meeting of parliament factions after one MP accuses another of having ties to Russia’s Kremlin. The leader of Ukraine’s Radical Party Oleg Lyashko was punched in the face by Opposition Bloc Deputy Yury Boyko in Kiev on Monday.

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Ukraine – Fight feat. Flowers

Fighting erupted in the Ukrainian parliament after the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk was pulled from the podium.

The Prime Minister was defending his government’s record when MP Oleh Barna walked over to him with a bunch of roses and then grabbed him around the waist.

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Ukraine – Two MPs fight in a hallway in the parliament building

Two members of the Ukrainian parliament, Yegor Sobolev of the “Samopomochi” party and Vadim Ivchenko from the “Fatherland” party, were involved in a physical altercation in the halls of the Ukrainian parliament. Thursday, February 12.

The fight, which left both participants sore and Sobolev with a bloodied nose, allegedly broke out over a disagreement around a corruption bill.

The parliamentary committee has recommended the suspension of both deputies, preventing them from taking part in parliament sessions for five days.