Ukraine: Fistfight in Parliament

Ukraine defends World Cup in Parliament Fighting and Brawls

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India: MP uses Pepperspray in Parliament

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Canada: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford knocks over Councillor

New York Times

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Jordan: MP fires AK-47 during parliament session

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Fight took place August 2nd, 2013

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Fists fly inside the Venezuelan parliament

Things got violent in the Venezuelan parliament Tuesday as members threw punches and kicked each other, leaving several people injured in a brawl just weeks after a bitter election.

According to the Associated Press, the fighting started after opposition members displayed a banner in the National Assembly criticizing a decision that banned them from speaking in parliament unless they recognized the electoral victory of President Nicolas Maduro.

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After ‘Fascist’ Accusations, Ukrainian Parliament Brawls

“The brawl began with yelling over the language used in the chamber and ‘fascist’ accusations from both sides.
“The session was opened by the head of the ruling Party of Regions, Aleksandr Efremov, speaking in Russian, a language his opponents manifest that they strongly dislike. Ukrainian Liberty Party members made sure nobody could hear the speech by chanting ‘Speak Ukrainian!’ out loud and drumming with their hands against the desks.”

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With this brawl Ukraine defends the Title of the Country with the most fights in Parliament.

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