Fighting for the microphone

In Czech’s Lower House of parliament a scuffle broke out after the microphone of the parliamentarian Lubomir Volny was muted. He tried to speak into the chairman’s microphone instead while others grabbed him to drag him away. The brawl was sparked by a dicussion about the CoV state of emergency. Volny himself was not wearing a mask.

Military intervention in Ghana’s parliament

Legislators in Ghana clashed over the election of the next parliament speaker. One MP alledgedly snatched paper ballots, television was broadcasting the scenes. Finally the army intervened after chaotic hours.

Furniture battle in DR Congo’s parliament

President Felix Tshisekedi announced to end the coalition with allies of his predecessor, which intensified tensions between rivaling political groups. A fight started in parliament’s main hall. As Reuters reports, “Tshisekedi’s supporters, some in suits and stylish shoes, hurled chairs, wooden batons and plastic buckets up a staircase toward Kabila partisans who launched the objects back”.

Pig guts and fists fly in Taiwan

Taiwan’s opposition MPs brought buckets full of pig intestines to parliament and threw them at Premier Su Tseng-chang. They opposed a decision to ease pork imports from the US. This meat may contain ractopamine, an additive that is banned amongst others in Taiwan and the EU. “We’re very sorry to throw pig’s internal organs in parliament, but this is to highlight the pork issue,” an opposition lawmaker told reporters according to AFP.

Protesters enter Armenian parliament

Protesters entered the Armenian parliament after the ceasefire agreement in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. They threw bottles at the Parliament Speaker and demanded the resignation of prime minister Nikol Pashinyan. Police officers present allegedly hardly intervened.

Water balloons and punches in Taiwan

Taiwan’s lawmakers had a chaotic fight, because President Tsai Ing-wen nominated a senior aide to a top government watchdog post. Water balloons were thrown, the ruling DPP’s lawmakers tried to protect themselves with raincoats and cardboard shields.

Chaos in- and outside Taiwanese parliament

Members of the opposition party Kuomintang fought with lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) outside of parliament. They tried to block the nominee for a government watchdog from entering the parliament. Inside the building the MPs threw chairs and continued fighting.