Best Parliamentary Brawls of 2010 at CBSnews

CBSnews features the Ukrainian April Brawl as most famous:

The most famous brawl of 2010 happened April 27 in the Ukraine. There, the parliament voted to extend Russia’s lease of a Crimean naval port for the Black Sea Fleet in a chaotic session during which eggs and smoke bombs were thrown as well as several punches.

Taiwan, whose politicians seem to have a parliamentary brawl far too often to keep track, did not disappoint in 2010. There were at least two major dust-ups among its elected politicians at their place of work.

As for the rest of the world, a group of lawmakers in Nigeria got into a fistfight after they were booted from the House of Representatives for accusing the speaker of corruption.

In Nepal, Maoists disrupted government business rowdily. Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Italy and Turkey also saw violence reach their parliaments’ floors.

Here are some nice pictures.


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